Rick Luettich

Rick Luettich

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Coastal Wave-Surge Modeling

Project Description:
The Coastal Wave-Surge Modeling projects continues the development and application of the ADCIRC storm surge and inundation model, its coupling to the SWAN wave model and its coupling to an inland hydrology/runoff model underdevelopment in the CHC-R Hydrological Modeling project. The activities in this project are designed:

  • to better understand the requirements of coastal hazards models,
  • to improve model processes, physics and coupling,
  •  to validate these models,
  • to utilize these models to quantify the hazard risk in selected coastal regions (e.g., to improve hazard maps used by the FEMA National Flood Insurance Program, to investigate issues such as the impact of sea level rise on hazard risk or to provide hazard forecasts for specific storm events),
  • to provide CHC-R partners with access to coastal hazards models to enable interdisciplinary advances in improving coastal resilience, and
  • to transfer this modeling technology from a relatively small group of developers/users to a much wider modeling community, thereby significantly increasing the societal benefit of this technology.


2015 Annual Meeting Presentation: 7th Annual Meeting

Rick Luettich

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Research Interests:
Modeling and measurement of circulation and transport in coastal waters; coastal hazards including waves, storm surge and inundation associated with severe storms. Development and applications of the ADCIRC circulation and storm surge model framework and associated sub-models.

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